We quickly realised that the meat quality of the Angus (Bos Taurus) breed combined with the parasite and heat tolerance of the Brahman (Bos Indicus) made the Brangus the perfect animal for the Far Northern Queensland region. Using Telpara Hills and Greendale genetics as foundation stock for our herd, in 2009 we injected improved bloodlines with the purchase of TELPARA HILLS MR. BRIGHT SIDE 458-634 (Sire: BRIGHT SIDE OF BRINKS) who is in the top 5 EBV’s for the breed. MR. BRIGHT SIDE at just 28% Brahman, has greatly improved the Bos Taurus content of our herd. In 2012 we purchased RUSHTON DISTINCTION’S FAME RUS10F911F20 (Sire: Suhns Distinction) which has further improved our genetics and breeding herd. This progeny can be viewed on our Brangus Bulls and Registered Females pages.

Registered and commercial bulls are available in small numbers, as only the very best performing progeny are retained for this purpose. Bulls are grown out on natural brachiaria pasture, with just limited grain feeding, allowing for the true breeding and quality of the bulls to shine through.


Registered and commercial heifers along with PTIC heifers and cows are available and with excellent temperament, calving ease and fertility they have the potential to greatly improve your herd. Throwing small calves and having excellent milking ability, calves go ahead in leaps and bounds.


We have limited RUSHTON DISTINCTION’S FAME (Sire: Suhns Distinction) straws available for purchase at $30 per straw