Bimini Park was established in 1991 with the aim to provide high grade Brangus cattle to the rural sector. We began the stud intially with Telpara Hills and Greendale genetics as foundation stock for our herd. Then in 2012 we injected improved bloodlines with the purchase of RUSHTON DISTINCTION’S FAME RUS10F911F20 (Sire: Suhns Distinction). And we then replace this bull with RUSHTON BIG DEAL 510K4 (Sire: SOUTHERN DEALMAKER 468w40), which has further improved our genetics and temperament in our breeding herd. This progeny can be viewed below.

Registered and commercial bulls are available in small numbers, as only the very best performing progeny are retained for this purpose. Bulls are grown out on natural brachiaria pasture, with just limited grain feeding, allowing for the true breeding and quality of the bulls to shine through. Bimini Park bulls will add growth and muscle to your herd and would be a profitable addition to any purebred or cross breeding program with the ability to improve herd quality along with MSA rankings for carcasses.

All weaners are educated with our kelpies, which improves the temperament and stock control of these animals. Culled steers consistently return record prices at local sales and are keenly sought after by buyers. Paddock sales of both bulls and steers are available.

Some of our current up and coming bulls are shown below