Bimini Park is situated near the twin crater lakes of Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine on the lush Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. Bimini Park was established in 1991 by Laurie and Julie Wright with the aim to provide high grade Brangus cattle and working Kelpies to the rural sector.


Does your farming enterprise comply with current legislation in providing a safe and healthy workplace for workers, contractors, vistors and the public?

Whatever your farming enterprise is our system will assist you in ensuring these obligations are met. Our comprehensive Farm Safety Management System can be purchased as a single document with the owner/manager completing the checklists etc. or we can customise it to suit the individual farming enterprise and do all the work for you.

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Bimini Park Brangus are registered with the Australian Brangus Cattle Association. We realised that the meat quality of the Angus (Bos Taurus), combined with the parasite and heat tolerance of the Brahman (Bos Indicus), make the Brangus cattle breed the perfect animal for the Far Northern Queensland region.

All our beef cattle are grass fed, however due to our high annual rainfall, we have incorporated additional supplements into their diet.



Bimini Kelpies are working kelpies, bred in Far North Queensland for working cattle. All our dogs are Working Kelpie Council of Australia (WKC) registered. We have been breeding working Kelpies since 1993 and after a break, we re-commenced breeding in 2009 with the purchase of Boanong Darcy from James Dudley’s Boanong Kelpie stud near Deniliquin and Trebonne Pippa from Dave Parsons near Tully.

Bimini Park pups have gone on to be exceptional workers on beef & dairy cattle and goats here on the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland and several other States.

The working Kelpie has been part of the rural Australian lifestyle for many years. They are a work mate and a loyal companion. Most dogs will show a natural inclination for either working in the paddock or the yards. Purebred Kelpies are black or red, with tan marking on their face, chest and legs. They are smart and easy to train, making them a pleasure to work with.